Tiger Project al Career day

Sono orgoglioso di comunicare che terrò un discorso il 23 marzo durante il Career day presso la Universityof Malaya. Qui sotto è possibile trovare il programma dell’evento:


14.45- 15.00: Welcoming of our guests in the Conference Hall, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics.

15.00: Speech from the University staff and short presentation of the courses of Italian division.

15.30: Speech from Miss. Jean Chai Yee Ying presenting the possibilities of academic career in UM.

15.40: Presentation from  Mr. Papapietro (General secretary of IMBA and Managing Director of TP Tiger Project Consulting) 

16.00 to 17.00: Speakers from different companies in Malaysia presenting their business and the job opportunities for UM students majoring in Italian.

17.00: Refreshments offered by University of Malaya

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